First project – kitchen area

One of the first key projects I did was revamping this kitchen. This is the aftermath of the upgrade but looking at simple design but effective layout produce a nice and beautiful area that I would love waking up to and brew your cup of coffee.

Let’s talk about the upgrades…

Firstly, started of replacing the entire flooring with laminated wood floor featuring modern look and adding lines in between for contrast.

The entire cabinet system had been replaced and complement with modern appliances. Had to be stainless steel to maintain the matching look. Gray color is in a trend and matches well with the flooring with neutral wall paint color and white trims.

Choosing the type of cabinets is key and measurement that’s standard helps eliminates custom made which saves a lot of time and effort. This allows for quick build out of the cabinet system overall.

Given with the materials already used, it’s important to use the modern look of countertop. Quartz is the de facto material that will complement the overall style of the kitchen. This requires custom measurement to insure fitting and the design of the sink area.

Lighting is also important for upgrade. Using clean recessed lighting and easy maintenance allows owners easily perform do-it-yourself bulb replacement.

Here’s an example of how to keep things simple with the view of nice and modern kitchen without breaking a budget.

Let us help you get started with yours and we can see what can work no matter how yours look to complement other areas of the house.

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